No, was not velikomoguchy Donar, at least even in an illusory appearance to inhale courage in young hearts. Courage
was it not to occupy, as well as obstinacies; perhaps, to that September styloj to its night remains bole, than forces hidden at
alien magicians. One courage not to shift mountain, not to dump stones on a camp of the enemy, one courage, no less than
illusive farces, the furious enemy you will not frighten... It was strong supostat, it is rigid and ruthless, was able, it is
reasonable and persevering - he has won by right, as well as promised.
For that world in which was born svobodozhazhdujushchy Varg, belonged to suppressors of freedom: for hundreds years to
all of them there was a good science to suffocate not resolved freedom...
The miracle has in the sleep come true. At first the dream chaotic was. Paints, rushed about images... klinki categories of
blasters sparkled also, fire and blood roared flew, and there was a flight, prosecution, and again fight, both blood, and
corpses, and wounds, and again fire, and the sun in a bloody sky, and night in ways, both new fight, and flight, still, and still,
and still... Paints of despair and images of death flashed a habitual black train... They grew dull, died away... vihrilos a flame
of magical fires... The moment when colleagues have disappeared has come, and it one remained; around there was a cave
where spat blood vodoju a lonely geyser, and in streams of blood water the person played, so, not the person, and the image
of a rat with small human eyes in which died away and was again shown a mysterious lead spark... Myshastyj the face in
water streams, probably, moved lips, but to young Vargu words while in a brain has not sounded were not clear: - I Welcome
you, my noble friend... You are live still, I know. And we are live... So long! The image was replaced; Varg has learnt the
reduced history of an agony of heretics of Ulp--- inov: in real time it has occupied months, but this time was carried by in its
brain for some violent instants. It uvidal as alien eresiarhi, its invaluable friends-instructors and seducers, live, more truly, exist
in pogibelnyh caves as their trained saboteurs as with fury of mad despair heretics as exhaust the cogitative forces beat off
attack, eclipsing reason and confusing souls of the brought hunters as make artful traps as confuse traces as kill hunters and
as set on them inhabitants of a cave, wild animals and at all unfamiliar terrible creatures... It uvidal as gradually from sickly,
sickly creations silnomoguchie heretics address in the skeletons fitted by a grey skin... They alchut to survive, and with that
end in view fish also unfamiliar creatures from the underground river, zmeepodobnyh slugs, netopyrej and huge snails, eat all
it... And not only: Happens, in successful day of a victim zapoluchajut hunters and use them - suck blood and eat a flesh
equally water and food; it uvidal and it. However forces are unequal: all new and new hunters hasten on the souls given to a
devil, and power of a devil - or a deceptive science? - Ulpinam does not suffice... Their bodies fitted myshastoj by a skin are
already motionless, only naked and free reason soars the arches of Gnipahellira! In drowsy consciousness the fountain of a
bloody moisture Again was born, and the ashy image in streams of the slowed down water has uttered wearily: - We passed
a due way to the ending, no less than you, our noble friend. Time has come to choose the end... You can choose still! In
dream of Varg has understood suddenly that Mark Ulpin wishes to offer it, and this understanding has terrified it more than all
sorrows and failures of senseless war... He has tried to cry, but it is vain: that the dream was, and in the sleep sleeping only
to see imperious, not to participate in the visions granted to it.